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composer / conductor

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Performance of 'The Ugly Sound' by TSO

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Mini TSO presents 'Kindy Classics'

May 5, 6, 26 & 27

TSO Studio Hobart (enter via Federation Concert Hall foyer)
All tickets $7

Move, groove and sing along with Mini TSO at this wildly entertaining concert. 

Gordon Hamilton's 'The Ugly Sound' is a re-imagining of ‘The Ugly Duckling’. First, we meet the Ugly Sound, an unappealing spatter of sonic goop. Young Sound goes through life facing rejection. All of the other sounds are more beautiful and popular! Some have rhythm, others melody, harmony and colour to make them appealing. Dejected, the Sound runs away, believing it can never fit in. Along its journey, the story helps unravel the internal structure of the Sound, allowing us to hear it from different angles. The Sound transforms into a beautiful, mature version of itself… a swan! It is funny, uplifting, beautiful – a positive message about self-image and openness to unfamiliar sounds.