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to Dec 16

Händel's Messiah with QSO

SAT 3 Dec., 7:30pm / QPAC Concert Hall, Brisbane
TUE 13 Dec., 7:30 / MECC, Mackay
WED 14 Dec., 7:30pm / Pilbeam Theatre, Rockhampton
THU 15 Dec., 7:30pm / Moncrieff Theatre, Bundaberg
FRI 16 Dec., 7:30 / Events Centre, Caloundra

Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Conductor | Gordon Hamilton

Soloists | Natalie Peluso, Luciana Mancini, Charles Daniels, David Wakeham
Ensemble-in-Residence | The Australian Voices

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Handel declared “I think I did see all of heaven before me” when he composed Messiah. Centuries on, the power of this work still draws audiences annually. Gordon Hamilton conducts the QSO.


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5:30 PM17:30

Premiere of 'Turing Believes Machines Think'

'Silver Linings': 25 Years of the Sydney Gay And Lesbian Choir

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I'm thrilled that the SGLC has commissioned me to compose 'Turing Believes Machines Think', a setting of an Alan Turing letter:

Turing believes machines think
Turing lies with men
Therefore machines do not think
Yours in distress,

Celebrating 25 years of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir - featuring tunes from the forties to the noughties - as well as the world premiere of new music specially commissioned from Australian composers including Sal Whitwell, Kathleen McGuire, Joseph Twist, Anna Jacobs, Dan Walker and Gordon Hamilton.

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to Nov 25

The Singing Politician

NOOSA (The J): Thu 20 Oct, 7pm
KINGAROY (St Mary's): Fri 21 Oct, 7pm
TULLY (Multipurpose Hall): Thu 27 Oct, 7pm
CAIRNS (Cairns Choral Society Hall): Fri 28 Oct, 7pm
TOOWOOMBA (USQ Artsworx): Fri 25 Nov, 7pm

In this distinctive work, Topology and The Australian Voices bring provocative text and exceptional musicianship together to create a musical narrative inspired by famous speeches delivered throughout Australian history. Composed by Topology’s masterminds Robert Davidson and John Babbage, alongside musical powerhouse Gordon Hamilton, the performance traverses pivotal moments that have shaped our nation. Unrepresentative Swill takes the words right out of our Prime Ministers’ mouths — from Menzies’ Declaration of War to Whitlam’s Well May We Say; Gillard’s Misogyny speech to Abbott’s A Stain on Our Souls — marrying them seamlessly to an overlay of stirring music and choral work.

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2:00 PM14:00

SHEP – State Honours Ensemble Program Final Concert


This well-respected program brings together the finest young musicians, under the tutelage of a team of eminent international and national conductors, in a world-class environment. Its pursuit of excellence defines it as the highest quality performance avenue available to young ensemble-based instrumentalists outside of the Queensland Conservatorium and the Young Conservatorium. In 2016, this program will continue to offer Voice, String, Wind, Brass and Percussion students an intensive four day program that culminates in a gala concert in the Conservatorium Theatre, Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, South Bank.

I'll be conducting the Sarah Hopkins Vocal Ensemble. The repertoire includes two works of Sarah Hopkins (pictured above).

Bach: Ich armer Mensch, ich armer Sünder
Hamtilon/Barton: Kalkadunga Yurdu
Brodsky: Red Box IV
Bruckner: Pange Lingua
Gerometta: Lay Fallow
Gerometta: Baby Shark
Grieg: Ave Maris Stella
Hamilton: Dark Hour
Hamilton: Furuike Ya
Handel: And The Glory of the Earth
Hildegard: O nobillissima viriditas
Sarah Hopkins: Hullayha
Sarah Hopkins: Honour the Earth
Weelkes: All at once well met

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to Sep 24

'Descent Into Madness' with Luminescence Chamber Singers

Luminescence Chamber Singers

Guest Conductor: Gordon Hamilton

20 September, 7pm
Ainslie Arts Centre | CANBERRA

21 September, 7pm
Glebe Town Hall | SYDNEY

23 September

24 September | NEWCASTLE

Gordon is guest director for Luminescence Chamber Singers' journey into the depths of musical madness. Features the world premiere of a new work by Alice Chance.

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to Aug 20

Palestine Choral Festival

Palestine Choral Festival

Palestine has always been a home for music, and throughout these festivals, audiences have experienced choirs from many different countries.

The Australian Voices performed at the festival in 2013 and look forward to returning in 2016 for concerts and workshops.

Saturday 13 August 10:00am – 7:30pm | Children’s Singing Day Al-Khawaja Palace, Ni’lin

Monday 15 August | Concert at Refugee camp, Bethlehem

Tuesday 16 August | Orphanage, Azzariyeh afternoon Outreach concert Refugee camp, Ramallah

Thursday 18 August 12:30 – 1:30pm | Lunchtime concert, Friends Meeting House, Ramallah

Friday 19 August | evening Joint concert Cultural Centre, Sebastia

Saturday 20 August | evening concert Cultural Palace, Ramallah



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5:00 PM17:00

'Reverie' – ABC Classics CD Launch in Sydney

Join The Australian Voices as we launch our new CD, 'Reverie'.

Reserve free tickets here.



Lisa Young: Misra Chappu

Michael Kennedy, arr. Gerometta: Lay Fallow

Hildegard von Bingen: O Nobilissima Viriditas

Nigel Butterley: Spring’s Ending

Gordon Hamilton: Who Are We

Isabella Gerometta: Words That Turn Into Other Words

David Brodsky: Red Box IV

Gordon Hamilton: Dark Hour

Robert Davidson: Not Now, Not Ever!

Robert Davidson: Total Political Correctness

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7:00 PM19:00

'Unrepresentative Swill' @ Randwick Town Hall

Randwick Town Hall, Sydney

Topology and The Australian Voices

Gordon Hamilton | Conductor

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Prime-Ministerial speeches: set to music! Queensland’s Topology and The Australian Voices bring provocative text and exceptional musicianship together to create a musical narrative inspired by famous speeches delivered throughout Australian history. Composed by Topology’s masterminds Robert Davidson and John Babbage, alongside musical powerhouse Gordon Hamilton, the performance traverses pivotal moments that have shaped our nation. Unrepresentative Swill takes the words right out of our Prime Ministers’ mouths, including Menzies’ Melancholy Duty, Whitlam’s Well May We Say; Gillard’s Misogyny speech and Abbott’s A Stain on Our Soul.

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11:30 AM11:30

Performance of 'Snap' by TSO

If you thought that classical music was incorrigibly polite, you’re in for a surprise at Symphonic Shockers!, a concert dedicated to music that shocked and stunned its first audiences. Be scandalised and outraged as you hear music by Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky and others. Hear the stories behind the music and learn what it takes to make an audience revolt.

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7:00 PM19:00

QYS Premiere of 'Symphony With Just One Theme'

Adult $39 | Concession $32 | Full Time Student $16

Hamilton | Symphony With Just One Theme (World Premiere)
Barber | Violin Concerto (soloist, Dene Olding)
Shostakovich | Symphony No. 6


Preview of the first movement, 'Snap'...

In this little symphony commissioned by John Curro and Queensland Youth Symphony, each of the three movements is based on the same tune: G Db C F E G Ab

The duration is short (an appeal to my own attention span). The age of the Long Symphony is done: we have HBO miniseries to get the job done now.

When a concert opener was suggested, the first thought I had was to avoid a clumsy recapitulation at the two-thirds mark. The compact ten-minute concert opener can be a punchy, satisfying form, though I like the feeling of material developing into something new without the obligation to recapitulate. Composing in three movements encourages this. While the theme remains the same across all three movements, no actual inter-movement repetition occurs. The result is (I hope) a sparkly concert overture in three sections.


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to May 27

Performance of 'The Ugly Sound' by TSO

Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra

Mini TSO presents 'Kindy Classics'

May 5, 6, 26 & 27

TSO Studio Hobart (enter via Federation Concert Hall foyer)
All tickets $7

Move, groove and sing along with Mini TSO at this wildly entertaining concert. 

Gordon Hamilton's 'The Ugly Sound' is a re-imagining of ‘The Ugly Duckling’. First, we meet the Ugly Sound, an unappealing spatter of sonic goop. Young Sound goes through life facing rejection. All of the other sounds are more beautiful and popular! Some have rhythm, others melody, harmony and colour to make them appealing. Dejected, the Sound runs away, believing it can never fit in. Along its journey, the story helps unravel the internal structure of the Sound, allowing us to hear it from different angles. The Sound transforms into a beautiful, mature version of itself… a swan! It is funny, uplifting, beautiful – a positive message about self-image and openness to unfamiliar sounds.

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8:30 PM20:30

'Natural Selections' – QSO with Sampology and Gordon Hamilton

Music for turntables and orchestra! This world premier collaboration between Sampology, Gordon Hamilton and QSO is the first time Sam has performed with classical musicians. A drum machine allows for both sound and vision to burst through speakers and screen with the touch of a drum pad, and turntables which allow the same synchronized audio and visual manipulation.  The show is inspired by plants and animals. Some pieces are originals composed by Sam and Gordon; others are arrangements from Sampology's upcoming EP of the same title. Guests include: Laneous (Vocals, Bass Guitar) Matt Luff (Sax).

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7:00 PM19:00

'Prints of the Pigeons' – QSO with Tom Thum & Gordon Hamilton

QSO Current

4pm & 6pm @ Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

The unholy combination of Tom Thum and Gordon Hamilton is resurrected! We’ll team with some special guests and the mighty QSO with an all-new program of blasphemous music for beatboxer and orchestra. We have one of Australia's most highly respected emcees and lyricists MANTRA joining us on stage to bring his unique brand of lyrical dexterity to life. Also gracing the stage on digital percussion is Brisbane legend Dave Acosta Atkins (Resin Dogs, Wolfmother, a million other things) who's MPC wizardry is going to bring kilodecibels of dopeness to the arrangements. Also joining us is Jamie MacDowell (he has fabulous hair). This has such a great opportunity to further push the formula we found with our last collaborative effort, but more importantly it has been amazing to find and follow new directions as our creative processes have become more intertwined in a melodic wrestling match. (Imagine two virtuosic carpet pythons.) We hope y'all enjoy the show as much as we did writing it. 

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6:30 PM18:30

The Australian Voices – Miniature Recital @ QSO Current

  • State Library of QLD – Queensland Terrace (map)
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QSO Current


The Australian Voices present a miniature recital as part of the Queensland Symphony's QSO Current Festival. The program will feature the premiere of three works by Isabella Gerometta, Fransisco Carbonell and Nathan Falkenhagen. In a nod to ANZAC Day, the program will also include Gordon Hamilton's Dark Hour, a setting of Prime Minister Billy Hughes' off-the-cuff remarks in 1916, summing up the Australian experience at Gallipoli.


Babbage: I Lie Sent Men To Ease
Davidson: Suite from 'Unrepresentative Swill'
   i. A Stain on our Soul
   ii. The Reward For Public Service
   iii. Now, Not Ever!
   iv. Total Political Correctness

Hamilton: Dark Hour
Butterley: Spring's Ending
Falkenhagen: Wistful Thinking*
Carbonell: Caligaverunt occult mei*
Gerometta: One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten*
Arr. Gerometta: Lay Fallow

        * premiere

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Much Ado About Nothing
to May 15

Much Ado About Nothing


Acapella music by Gordon Hamilton. 

For the bantering, bickering Beatrice and Benedick, love is a battlefield. Once bitten and twice shy, the sharp-witted pair are locked in a verbal fencing match with no quarter asked and none given. Is there any way their friends can open their eyes to their true feelings for each other?

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to Apr 15

Thum Prints @ BBC Proms Australia

  • The Arts Centre Melbourne (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

BBC Proms Australia

Queensland Symphony Orchestra
Alondra de la Parra & Gordon Hamilton | conductors
Sergio Tiempo | piano
Tom Thum | beatboxer

Click here for tickets.

Held over four days from 13 – 16 April 2016 at Arts Centre Melbourne, BBC Proms Australia will bring the magic of the Proms to Australian audiences, providing a taster of this iconic festival. This is the first time the Proms has been held outside of the UK in this way and will also mark the first time that orchestras from three Australian cities play together in one program.

Read more about Gordon Hamilton's Thum Prints here.

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7:30 PM19:30

Thum Prints @ Malasimbo Festival, Phillipines

Manilla Symphony Orchestra
Gordon Hamilton | conductor
Tom Thum | beatboxer

Malasimbo Festival

Puerto Galera, Philippines

Click here for tickets.

A concerto for beatboxer and orchestra! The work is Thum Prints and the beatboxer is Tom Thum, a magnificently-talented dude with an inexhaustible vocal inventory of glorious and weird noises. Read more about the piece here.

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to Mar 5

Boombox @ Adelaide Fringe

  • The Garage International @ Adelaide Town Hall (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Adelaide Fringe

Click here for tickets [Adults only; contains strong language]

Choir and boombox come face-to-face in the ultimate skirmish between the voice and machine. Switching channels between contemporary choral music, rap, classical radio, political speeches, a little bit of ‘theatre’… Boombox, is vocal music as you have never heard it before. The Australian Voices present something that is part concert, part performance, part insane genius, with musical works by Gordon Hamilton, Lisa Young, Isabella Gerometta and Nigel Butterley. It is unexpected and joyous.

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9:00 PM21:00

'Gaybies' @ Brisbane Powerhouse

  • Brisbane Powerhouse Visy Theatre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Details and tickets.

Hotly political and deeply personal, Gaybies shares the intimate real-life stories of children from same-sex parents, surrogate mums, donor dads, co-parents and guardians. Directed by Kris Stewart (Brisbane Powerhouse Artistic Director) and written by Dean Bryant, you’ll see a cast of local performers and community members bring to life this funny, charming, heart-warming and inspiring show. This is for everyone who cares for our greatest asset: children.

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