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Messiah Tour With QSO

Over the last week I was fortunate enough to have been on tour in regional QLD with the wonderful Queensland Symphony Orchestra and The Australian Voices, conducting Handel’s Messiah. Four marvellous choirs joined us – shoutout to the Mackay Choral Society, The Rockhampton Musical Union, the Bundaberg Orpheus Singers and the Sunhine Coast Oriana Choir. 

WDR Premiere of 'Action Hero' for recorded Schwarzenegger & Orchestra.

Recently I was in Cologne for the premiere of my new piece Action Hero for recorded Schwarzenegger and orchestra. Here it is performed by the amazing WDR Funkhausorchester and conductor Frank Strobel.

Watch the video.

In Memory of Those Who Couldn't Marry

I’m pretty excited about this… The Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) are apparently letting me have another go at them. I composed a piece for them this year called Ghosts in the Orchestra, where I get a bunch of singers from my choir The Australian Voices (TAV) to stand among the orchestral players and sing instructions at them. The instructions get unrolled into little symphonic miniatures.

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